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Uncompromisingly strong refrigerated counters

KRAMER makes exclusive use of leading cooling technologies in counter construction. Be it air circulation, differential or push-pull cooling - delay-free control of the cooling power protects your valuable products with a constant ideal climate and keeps it as fresh as it is. Ergonomically optimised conditions such as the raised product display make serving easier, improve the customer's view of the products and therefore encourage sales.


Our Strengths

We develop and construct counters with air circulation, differential and push-pull cooling which can be combined with the widest range of requirements in any counter group with the required look.

Energy costs are reduced by

  • Increasing cooling retention by means of better insulation.
  • Using ventilation which has been subjected to further development with 40% less power consumption by using state-of-the-art energy-saving motors
  • Having effective lighting by using LEDs with an energy saving of up to 50% that are free of UV components.
  • Having a window heater that can be switched on and off and therefore only consumes power when needed.

All of the most popular electronic temperature controllers are available with reliable remote monitoring. A double rear wall makes well-organised, concealed cable routing possible.


Your Advantages

  • The product-protecting and long-lasting refrigeration technology of KRAMER counters provides space-filling, even cooling and optimum moisture values in your counter thanks to the use of large evaporators.

  • The possibility of raised presentation "lifts up" the products in the truest sense of the word. The delicacies are moved further into the customer's field of view.

  • Ergonomic working conditions - the raised product display provides a convenient access height.

  • Easy care and cleaning of the counter is ensured by means of easy access and fewer corners, edges and grooves.

  • The outstanding workmanship and material quality thanks to in-house manufacturing are the guarantee of years of satisfaction and long-lasting selling success.

  • The wide range of design options of the counter fronts make your ideas and wishes come true.


Integrated counter scales

Simple but ingenious! An advantageous option is provided by by the integrated and space-saving counter scales. As the main focus of your selling, it makes itself as invisible as possible. Barrier-free selling dialogue creates trust as far as the customer is concerned and encourages additional purchases.

Circulated air cooling

With circulated air cooling, the air is blown through the evaporator in the bottom tray with the aid of fans in such a way that even air circulation is achieved. The evaporator absorbs the warm air and gives off cold air, which is then led over the food that is on display. Thanks to continuous optimisation of the components and the air guidance, the counter currently requires an evaporation temperature of -5/-6°C with the same output. Higher stacking of the products and a greater display depth have also been recently implemented in a marketable way. This means that more products can be presented without a significant effect on the ergonomics. Further improvements to product quality are achieved by having less product temperature fluctuation and shorter evaporator thawing times. Because of an additional reduction in evaporator run time, feedback of the moisture into the counter has been further improved.


Differential cooling

Differential cooling is characterised by natural cold flow and direct contact with the food that is being cooled. The air in the counter is set in motion by the flow of heat (e.g. because of fresh product) and circulated over an evaporator, which cools it down again. The cold air moves downwards because of gravity (natural convection) and distributes itself over the displayed product. A cooling plate evaporator provides an even temperature from below, which surrounds the food to be cooled. This is also known as "silent cooling".

Perfection in synthesis - the new push-pull cooling technology

We have also been able to successfully implement the idea of combining the advantages of circulation cooling with those of silent cooling. This is used in the patented KRAMER Push-Pull Cooling. The new, variable temperature and humidity control ans optimum climate in the fresh produce counter at all times. The natural air flow direction is periodically supported by pulse-like surges of cold air, generating a stable sea of cooling, which lies over the entire surface of the product. Extremely sensitive temperature sensors provide an evenly distributed and constant temperature in the entire product area. The product base, which is cooled from below, is completely closed and therefore quick and easy to clean. The new push-pull cooling technology is ideal for sales-promoting presentation of raw and smoked fish, among other things.